This blog is dedicated to people who are members or proud fans of Euxton Villa and of course, football! Posts that will be found in this blog will include exciting news about what’s going on the football community whether it is football related or not. I have decided to make an interactive blog where I can talk about my love for Euxton Villa, football and of course keep up with the trend in today’s news, lifestyle, fashion and whatnot.

I hope to hear from fellow football enthusiasts so I made sure to put a comment section on every post that I have. All comments and suggestions are very much appreciated and I will take note of each and every one of them. My main goal is to build a good network of people that I can talk to about interesting things—even outside of football. If you want to talk about other topics, feel free to contact me through email or simply put your thoughts in the comment area to let me know. Even negative comments are welcome but please be careful with the words that you use.

Okay so, I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I love football! I am an avid fan of the Euxton Villa Football Club and I do play football as my local town’s wide receiver. I also have a lot of pets and I like to go outside with them while walking or taking in the scenery. I would want to know more about the readers of this blog so I can gain more friends that share the same interests as me.