Choosing the Best Walking Shoe for Arch Support

Much like football shoes, the most excellent walking shoe for a person who needs to have the best arch support for their feet is one that comes with comfort and proper fit. When buying a walking shoe, make sure that it gives you enough stability and flexibility in the mid-sole and it should also fit the width and length of your feet. For arch support, there are walking shoes designed to give top support for whatever type of arch your feet has—may it be high, neutral or low arch.

Read on how to find the best insoles if you are a flat footed person.

Common Drawbacks

You should not be attracted to shoes that are labeled as running or aerobic shoes without knowing if they will really give your foot arch the support that it needs. These types of shoes are made to cushion the foot while performing high-impact activities and exercises. This design is different from walking shoes that prove to be more flexible at the ball of your foot to have room for the rolling of your foot from heel to toe while walking.

Where to Buy

There are plenty of well established specialty stores that are around to help you with your special needs. You can ask a staff that is knowledgeable about sports and athletic wear while you are in search for the perfect walking shoe with the type of foot arch you have. Once you establish the best brand of shoe that gives you ultimate comfort, you will not have trouble buying your next pair of shoe. Always make sure to try on as many shoes as you can to pick the best type of shoes.


Top quality walking shoes can range from under $100 to $500. If you want to buy shoes that are very far under the $100 mark, it will most likely be made of inferior quality material. It is best to not be stingy and buy the best kind of shoes that are made with quality material. It is the health and wellness of your foot that we are talking about here anyway.


The best kinds of walking shoes to consider are Asics, New Balance, Saucony and Brooks. These brands are top of the line for both men and women. They also have different type of shoes for different kinds of foot arches and are quality tested. However, if you found a shoe with a different brand and it works for your feet, it’s best to go with it. Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2 is a highly recommended walking shoe.


Most people believe that uncomfortable shoes in the beginning will turn out to be comfortable after a specific span of time. This is not true and as a consumer, you need to take note of the shop’s return and exchange policy. The comfortable shoes that you bought on the store may not prove to be as comfortable when you try to walk with them. Another good tip is to know the type of arch that your foot has even before you go to a store. You can bring a pair of your most worn shoes to the store so they can make a comparison of the type of foot arch that you have.