Healing Relationships through Dream Symbolisms

There is no other game harder to win at than relationships. During trying times in relationships, it may be good to turn to your subconscious for symbols whether your relationship is going through a good or bad ordeal. There are many symbolisms in our dream that can reveal answers about our relationship queries and you best take not of these images. If you don’t remember your dreams, lighten your room and set an alarm half an hour earlier than you usually wake up. Keep a dream journal and put all of the things that you saw in your dream there. This will help you interpret the dreams that you just had and if it has any connections with your current relationship situation. Psychic readers can help you interpret dreams as well and there are a number of reliable psychics you can turn to.



If you are kissing in a dream, it can be a good indicator that the relationship is on the correct path. You might just be over dramatizing things or seeing things in a bad way instead of how it really is.


Large parties with many people in a dream are a very good indicator of a healthy relationship. The tables represent your moods that can lead to your union with the right person.


If a close family dog appears in your dream, your subconscious mind uses that to illustrate the foundation of your love for adventure. If a strange dog shows up, it is time to get real about the flirtations you are engaging in with co-workers and Internet friends.


This may be a man’s best friend but it can signify that you have a rocky relationship. Dogs are very positive in nature but they are wrapped in a paradox of loyalty and selfishness. Dogs are usually used by your mind to tell you that deception may be apparent. However, family dogs appearing in dreams may just be symbols of fun and adventure.

Faceless Friends

Seeing the back of your friend’s head but not their face is common in dreams. This means that you think you know what’s going on but you really don’t have an idea about the whole picture. It means that you have been living in denial and don’t want to find out the truth.



There are dreams that move from one scene to another but never seem to be going reaching the destination but you know that you are on your way. This is your subconscious telling you that you are going to work things out with your partner.

Eating or Drinking

Dreams that include food or beverage intake is a sign that you are accepting the good things in life. It is a very positive symbol from your subconscious.



A burned village or a prison may be seen in your dreams if you need to finally accept that your current relationship is over and it’s time for you to leave. You may still want to work things out with your partner but if you see desolation in your dream, it may mean that there has been too much damage for repair.